'This relationship is going to be over': Blac Chyna threatens to leave Rob Kardashian for giving her bouncing cheques in gag post

Rob Kardashian could be in financial AND relationship trouble.
His girlfriend Blac Chyna threatened to leave him in a gag post on Sunday because he was giving her dodgy cheques.
The 27-year-old has been intently documenting the couple's weekend getaway to Atlanta Georgia on her Snapchat account. 

Haunt: The couple visited at least two scrip clubs over the weekend, including the Crazy Horse Saloon on Friday


'Rob if you sign another bounced check and I take it to the bank, this relationship is going to be over,' she tells him as they ride in the back of a limo. 'No more forgeries!'
The camera shy Rob appears to attempt to stay away from the lens during Chyna's frequent updates.

Although in one he takes center stage as he shows off his rapping skills alongside a giant stuffed panda he appears to have won at a fair.
'Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda / hey I got Os in Atlanta...' he spits before trailing of unintelligibly, as the camera trains back on Chyna's unimpressed face. 

'Rob, stop writing bad checks!' Blac Chyna teases Kardashian

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Threesome: The couple were accompanied by Rob's new giant panda

Keeping abreast: The 27-year-old Chyna had been intently documenting the couple's weekend trip on her Snapchat account

Source: Daily Mail


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