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Summer/After Summer Training Programs

Good day Everyone 
The summer break is here again, we thank God for His mercies. It is time to relax and have fun. But pause a little bit, why not learn something new, have fun and make some money while learning new skills this break and even after the break. 
Why do you need to sit at home or sleep all day or watch movies when you can learn new skills, relax and enjoy the break yet still make some money for yourself.
What are the new skills you can learn? 1. Putting sequins and beads on fabrics.
2. Ankara Accessories which include:  Ankara Notepads, Ankara Carrier bags, Key holders, Brooches, Hair bows, hair bands, hair clips and ruffs, Ankara purses and bags, Ankara belt.
3. Basic sewing  a. How to amend clothes b. How to fix zips. c. How to sew bedsheets and pillow cases d. How to make shopping bags e. How to make simple skirts f. How to make small purses g. How to make throw pillows h. How to make curtains i. How to sew and make all of the above i. Full Sewing Course - 3 months, 6 months…