IamISIGO Has Finally Come-of-Age in Their Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

This season, IamISIGO was inspired by “The phenomenon of expression without foresight via reflection, how fashion has become an art form that elevates and celebrates the body making it the ultimate canvas.” It is the secret to this collection; showing  depth and creativity in adequate moderation (in juxtaposition to the past) bearing in mind, that the wearer has the ultimate centrepiece.
The brand is known for making pieces that are absolutely practical while pushing the boundaries of fashion. With the rushing technique that’s predominantly used across the collection and a softening of the stronger edges with pastel hues and slits. We can safely allude to the fact that this quite a new territory for the designer, and it is in this sense that IamISIGO finally comes of age.

www.iamisigoonline.comPhotography: Tom Saater www.tomsaater.com
Models: Evein Obunor and Cynthia Lawrence
Set design and Art Direction: BOFC


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