Learn something new this Summer: Equipping Our Children with Vocational Skills this Summer Break

Background information on Lightup Concepts

Lightup Concepts is about putting creativity into ankara or fabric thereby making a statement in our social style. Lightup Concepts include ankara accessories and other bed fittings such as ankara bags and clutches, bracelets and necklaces, ankara carrier bags and notepads (used as souvenirs for social events), throw pillows, bed sheets and pillow cases, curtains, etc.

Our Products & Services

Products – Lightup Concepts uses the ankara /fabric and local materials to design products such as bags, clutches, bracelets, necklaces (beads), carrier bags, notepads(souvenirs), Hand Fan, Hair Accessories, Fabric Bangles, throw pillows, bed sheets, pillow cases and curtains, hair bows and so much more. Other products and services include jewellry, bead making, fashion design.

Services – The main service being rendered by Lightup Concepts is training people in the art of making the ankara accessories earlier mentioned. Pictures of some these are below:

Image result for necklace bead designs     Image result for ankara accessories  

Benefits of Lightup Concepts Training
Our training on ankara accessories design has made people be able to stand on their own, economy wise. With the skills that they acquired, they were able to render such services to people and fend for themselves. In a country with high unemployment rate and high poverty level, many people are becoming self-employed or have employed themselves. Capital required for the training is minimal unlike other forms of trade. Even graduates from the universities are waking up to the reality that they are few white collar jobs these days. As such, many graduates are taking a trade once they are out of school or learning a skill that they build up once they finish from school. Some of the attendees of our training include undergraduates, graduates and the working class who acquire these skills to render services as a means of additional income to augment their present income.

For the pupils in primary/elementary schools (Basic 5 only) and students in Secondary/High schools. Lightup Concepts training helps them to discover their talents and develop such talents that would make them entrepreneurs of tomorrow . Such talents may never be discovered if the students don’t undergo such training. As the Good Book says, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, ankara accessories making prepares the children for a better future. It makes them better persons and every knowledge acquired while growing is a plus. Moreover, part of every school curriculum is extra-curricular activities. Thus the training on the making of ankara accessories could be seen as extra-curricular activities that make the children all-rounded students. In other words, they are good in academic activities and extra-curricular activities. Most parents would definitely love this. Furthermore, the pupils and students that have a flair for design can create a career path for themselves early on in life. Some of the celebrated designers in the country develop interest in such design while in school.

 In addition, parents and adults who are interested are not left out. There is opportunity for everyone even after the summer training programme.


TIME: 10.00AM - 2.00PM
ADDRESS: Suite 21, Mulegun Shopping Complex, Jakande Estate, Abesan, Ipaja, Lagos.

For more inquiry and info call:  08055797528, 08103892919 

E mail: lightupconcepts@gmail.com
Twitter: @LightupConcepts
Instagram: lightupconcepts
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lightupconceptsblog



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