RAAAH Launches High End Fashion Line – Rahima Mohamed Couture

Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaBlack & Silver Shoulder Gown72016_
Following the successful launch of RAAAH’s ready to wear collection, ‘Fly High’, by British-Zimbabwean fashion designer Rahima Mohamed, the breakthrough label has announced its move into the new season with the launch of its exclusive line of haute couture dresses and jumpsuits this Spring/Summer 2017.
The Rahima Mohamed Couture line, an extension of RAAAH’s mainline collection of ready to wear classic evening dresses and coordinates, is a 16-piece high fashion and luxury range for the dynamic and experimental woman.

Titled ‘Elevation’, the must-have couture collection features defined modish silhouettes to sheer and high-level glamour and sparkle. Also packed with attitude and a hint of flirty fun, the Elevation collection is perfect for an elegant evening out or a showstopping red carpet statement piece.
Remaining true to the brand’s aesthetic, Rahima Mohamed incorporates her classic vintage enthused style with heavy handcrafted embellishments to create timeless and bold pieces for women who desire to look chic, stylish and are not afraid to experiment with a burst of color, shapes, fabrics and detail. The brand’s head designer describes the new collection as “captivating, sexy, wearable and empowering”; a stylish set of designs fit to accentuate every curve for modern day appeal, making it a strong, fashion forward statement this season.
“The Rahima Mohamed Couture line adds yet another dimension to our ever expanding brand with pieces that are created specifically for scenic and enduring moments. There’s a piece here for every woman to fit any occasion,” said Rahima Mohamed.
See the Collection
Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaGold Jumpsuit72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaGold Dress72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaBlack & Gold Peephole dress72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaGold Seqin dress72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaRed Sequin Dress72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaGreen Mint dress72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaCream Dress72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaNude Dress72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaBlack Gown72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaRed Gown72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaGreen Gown72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaBlack Sequin Gown72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaRed & Nude Gown72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaJumpsuit black72016_Rahima Mohamed Elevation raaah bellanaijaRed Jumpsuit72016_
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